From time to time you may need to make a repair to a gabion basket

A gabion retaining wall’s strength, is due to the weight of rocks inside the gabion, therefore a repaired gabion is just as strong as new gabion.

Repairing gabions is far quicker and cheaper than shipping replacement panels.

Repairing a gabion is far more cost effective than repalcing damaged panels

In the below images we have used thick green garden tie wire, so that the repairs photographed well.

Our gabion bracewire is ideal for repairs, it is easily worked and has the same life span as the gabion mesh.

When gabion bracewire is supplied with your order, there is often spare wire that can be used for future repairs if required

Fishermen don’t buy a new net when there is damage to it, they fix and repair it.

Where possible we encourage repair and reuse of gabions, as we already live in a throw away society. Reducing our carbon footprint, by not re-shipping items that can be repaired and placed unseen at the back of a gabion wall is good for our planet.