Easy to install kitset gabion seats

Gabion1’s UK Pricelist

    Gabion baskets make seats, benches and other furniture

gabion seat and bar

Possible gabion seat size options, are in increments of 75mm

eg 300, 375, 450, 525, 600mm……………etc.

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gabion bench seat

Gabion1 only supply the kitset flat packed gabions

You will need to supply your own rocks, to fill the gabion seats

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gabion bench seat

Use local rock to save money

As long as the gabion rock is hard heavy and durable, it will be good for gabion seats

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gabion wall with seat

Kitset gabion baskets come in 1000’s of different sizes

We can supply gabion seats that are 300, 375, 450, 525, 600mm tall……………or taller

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gabion fire pit seat

Kitset gabions are quick and easy to assemble

No special tools are needed to assemble a gabion seat

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gabion pizza oven base large

Gabions used as seating and retaining

Email a sketch of the gabion seating you require.

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gabion fire pit seating

Gabion Corner Seating

Gabion seat sizes can be supplied to fit almost any fire pit area

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Gabion outdoor bath surround

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gabion bar leaner
use cheap rock inside the gabion

Save Money

Use a cheap rock in the center of your gabion baskets.

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