Gabion Sacks save you money

Place, place hard, heavy, durable, free draining material inside the gabion sack

Each gabion sack will hold around 30kgs of material
10 gabion sacks will replace approx 0.15m3 of decorative rock

Gabion1 supply gabion sacks

As an add-on to your order

gabion sacks cost 88p each inc VAT

empty gabion basket
first gabion sack installed
three gabion sacks

150mm to 200mm of rocks

Will obscure the gabion sacks from view, in the finished wall

Gabion sacks are an ideal solution in the following applications

  • You have smaller free draining site rubble that you can recycle
  • Local decorative facing stone is expensive
  • Gabion walls that are not retaining walls

Gabion1 sack limitations

  • Not recommended for use in engineered retaining walls
  • Suggested stone size in sacks, not smaller than 10mm
  • Not recommended for use in walls over 1.5m tall
  • Do not overfill gabion sacks, as they will quickly become too heavy to lift

Minimum recommended gabion sack stone size 10mm

No problem to use larger stones or hard, heavy durable site rubble as long as it is free draining