Divider panels are not needed for most gabion applications,

and are a waste of money

Most of our customers are able to place “good rocks” at the front and not so good rocks behind them, see pics below.

You may also find the cost difference between rocks types is minimal once the delivery is costs are included

Gabion divider panels are sometimes used on large commercial projects

The stone mason will hand fill the front portion of the gabion wall, and the digger diver fill the back portion
With smaller walls that are being hand filled there is no need to buy a sheet of mesh to separate the different rocks

hand placing gabion rock

Important – For structural retaining walls, you should only use engineer approved gabion rock

The stability of a gabion retaining wall, is a result of the mass and density of the rock inside the gabion.
Do not substitute approved gabion rocks for other materials, this will compromise the gabion walls stability .

gabion part brick filled

Over half the cost of rock is the delivery fee

Therefore the therefore a 30% saving at the quarry may only be 10% when delivered
The divider panels only become economic when machine fill the portion behind the divider panels

Concrete rubble being used in a non structural garden wall

Do not use this rubble in structural retaining walls

brick rubble filled gabion basket