Narrow Gabion Wall Foundation Design
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Narrow tall gabion walls need lateral support posts

Step 1 - Depth of foundation, size and spacing of posts depends on size and height of the wall, soil strength and wind loads.

Retaining foundations

Step 2 - Posts set in concrete, an optional base nib wall, may be required.

gabion foundation compaction

Step 3 - Fit gabion baskets around support posts

gabion sub base compaction

Step 4 - Fill Gabion baskets

finished gabion foundations

Gabion baskets for walls come in a variety of sizes

United Kingdom wide delivery, with freight charged at cost.

Email with the wall height, width and your location for a delivered price

Questions and Answers

Q. What spacings should the posts be at?

A. Generally posts are spaced at around 1.0m apart. However this will vary from site to site.


Q. Can I use timber support posts?

A. Yes, but there is less room inside the gabion cage to place the rocks


Q. Do I need the concrete nib wall?

A. Not always, some supported walls only need the posts set in concrete, however the nib wall gives a professional look to the finished wall.




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